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Until some decades ago the world did not know the World Wide Web. Computers were accessed in character mode (Shell) or graphics mode (window systems, X-Windows, MS Windows Apple Mac etc.). Oplon Remote Access Gateway (RAG) represents the link, allowing the access through the Web in character mode (Secure Shell) and in window graphics mode with a simplicity and uniformity never seen before.

The browser is the only tool used to execute all accesses. No installation, no plugin or agent, this is Oplon Secure Access philosophy. Anything extra at best stops working, is very expensive but most importantly is over time non-maintainable and creates stress for both business and industry operators. With Oplon Remote Access Gateway all this disappears.

As soon as you use it there is instant feeling. You no longer distinguish what is HTML and what is SSH or whether there is a window application… it is always the Web!

The integrated File Manager eliminates another barrier in the file exchange between personal device and remote services. An only solution to execute all operations like Download, Upload, file exchange between systems that we named Hypercopy, Oplon RAG is pure innovation! We have eliminated all operations  that are at best tedious and at worst dangerous, such as relying on software of undefined provenance to perform highly critical operations that can undermine late-stage services compromising business or even worse services now vital to society.

Oplon Remote Access Gateway is intuitive and spontaneous, the menu is designed to be simple by careful ergonomic analysis to manage both a few resources but also to manage entire datacenters with thousands of servers and services. Any operation does not even need the manual, it is simply intuitive.

How does Oplon Remote Access Gateway work?
Simplicity is the basis for everything: making complex systems simple is real technology.  

  1. The user requests access to a protected part of the service e.g:;
  2. Oplon Secure Access sees that the requested service is protected by MFA and requests double authentication;
  3. The user must confirm his/her identity via the Oplon 2FA app;
  4. User can use all services authorized for him/her, Windows desktops, Windows applications, Linux desktops, VNC, SSH, using his/her browser.

Oplon RAG can be used in particularly critical environments by being able to segregate networks completely. The architecture can be segregated across multiple network contexts and is fully modular to offer unprecedented security guarantees.

All operations are fully transparent to the user who authenticates: after login and password he/she only needs to confirm his/her identity with 2FA app.

Everything happens without installing any plugins or agents both on the client side but also on the server and services side.



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