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Oplon Web Application Gateway is the tool that stands in front of the Web applications in order to securely deliver them.
Web Application Gateway copes with all service requests, checks for restriction and access control policies, and redirects requests requiring authentication to the Oplon MFA provider.

Once the user has obtained authorization from Oplon MFA to access the service Oplon WAG verifies authenticity and provenance allowing secure access to services. The system also has layer 7 data traffic balancing and sorting capabilities and is able to select the most discharged system to deliver the requested service.

Oplon WAG sorts the requests and, depending on the domain and/or context, is able to understand if the specific service must be authenticated to be used. In this case, the user has selected the service of administration Wordpress and Oplon WAG directs the requests to that specific service distinguishing it from the other services and requests.

The authentication request is only related to the selected contexts, in this specific case “/wp-admin”. In all other contexts, access will be completely unrestricted unless other access restriction policies are in place.
All operations are completely transparent to the user who authenticates: after login and password he/she will only need to confirm his/her identity with Oplon 2FA.

Everything happens without installing any plugins or agents.



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