Traffic Monetizer Light

Oplon Traffic Monetizer Light is the system for analyzing and reporting traffic and logging data up to 3 million hits per day (24 hours). The system is supplied directly on Virtual Appliance and can be used directly with a simple setup by redirecting all traffic and log data from the suite systems Oplon to the Oplon Traffic Monetizer Light broker.

To facilitate deployment, the Virtual Appliance Oplon Traffic Light Monetizer contains a pre-installed and configured Database and a reporting system with Business Intelligence, however, substitutable with other platforms in case the end user wants to use different DB or Business Intelligence.

With Oplon Traffic Monetizer Light, sample queries are distributed in source form that can be customized as desired to be able to extract differentiated information or views from the database in relation to business requirements and provide new reports.

Customizable reports

Oplon Traffic Monetizer Light has pre-installed and configured the well-known and appreciated TIBCO®jasperreport server. Inside there are countless reports in source form that can be customized as desired, being the tool very well known and simple to use.