Super Oplon Cloud

Companies are transferring business-critical functions to web applications in order to increase productivity, flexibility of activities and reduce costs. Although the migration to Web applications offers economic advantages and allows greater flexibility of activities, this leads to new security risks and compliance requirements that must be resolved. The security question is shifting more and more into the application component, with the use of Web Application Firewalls and traffic analysis systems to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise privacy, and data security. Super Oplon Cloud is the service that allows companies to immediately implement the security they need, taking advantage of the Cloud’s ability to be immediately available without the need to move or implement their own applications.

High Availability (DR/BC)The system can be used to route requests to another site to ensure business continuity
Domain filteringPre-filtering of requests with domains in use of services, blocking at the origin of becoming vectors of attacks themselves
Certificate managementManagement of digital certificates, deadlines and renewals, automatic renewals for Let’s Encrypt certificates
DoS/DDoS applicationAutomatic management of peaks in requests that make services slow in their replies, or that can block their functionality
Traffic log for legal useThe service navigation traffic log is managed and made available to the customer in a compressed form for simplified management
Traffic statisticsDaily and weekly reports on traffic trends, and on threats detected
Accesses with digital certificates for CMS publishersIssuance of digital certificates and access Trusts to safely manage the publisher functions of the most used CMS
Security alerts and vulnerabilitiesSafety warnings in continuous assessment mode against OWASP threats, Zero Day
Virtual patchingPossibility to apply rules on requests and responses to block application vulnerabilities