Oplon Secure Access

Secure Access is Oplon Networks' answer to replace dangerous VPNs, guarantee secure access to Web services, Linux / UNIX and Windows machines and thus prevent the intrusion and spread of viruses in data centers and corporate networks. Secure Access can be used from any device and without installing any client, just use any web browser to have access to all the services available.

Oplon Secure Access
  • ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) - Identifies and authorizes all users before they access the company perimeter
  • MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) - Use secure multi-factor authentication
  • PAM (Privileged Access Management) - Protect administrative access credentials and track their activities
  • Unified Workspace - Publish applications, consoles and desktops only to authorized users, on web interfaces, safe for the internet

Oplon Secure Access is finally a single solution for all remote access protection: ZTNA, PAM, Remote Web Desktop, MFA

Web Services

Remote Desktop

Remote Shell

Main Features

Access Rights

The operator will have access to a set of resources predetermined by a figure called Manger. These resources can be grouped in logical contexts such as the network topology, or they can be grouped by service areas such as e-commerce, restricted areas. This allows you to authorize the user with a specific profile, from the beginning, exclusively to a set of applications of his competence, applying the criteria of the Zero Trust Architecture and to revoke it when they are no longer needed, avoiding leaving "doors open". It also facilitates the understanding of the infrastructure, simplifies its maintenance as much as possible and avoids authorization errors.

Usability and Accessibility

The layout of the work sessions on the web browser is aided by the Layout Manager which allows you to tile the windows. The operator is able to increase his productivity by organizing the workspace as he sees fit and switching from one context to another with a click, with the facilitation of zooming and resizing added to applications for which they are not natively available. Oplon Secure Access provides the same usability that the browser also makes available for Windows / Linux interfaces. To increase the characters just press CTRL + and to decrease them CTRL –

Copy and Paste

The 'copy' and 'paste' function has been carefully studied to guarantee the same experience of the tools normally used up till now. For the copy operations it is sufficient to select the desired text, while the paste is activated with right click (or from the keyboard using CTRL + Shift + V). All this takes place without enabling the clipboard reading, giving Secure Access maximum security.

Upload and Download (File Managing)

Upload and Download have been made simple and contextual. Just select the File Manager icon of the relevant session to open a menu that will allow you to browse the file system, upload files with a simple 'Drag and Drop' and download files remotely, locally. Simplicity and security, all transfers and all operations are tracked on the centralized database available to Managers.

Multi Factor Authentication

The user is securely identified with a second personal authentication factor, represented by a personal device (smartphone), without the use of less secure methods such as email or SMS. Oplon Secure Access includes a high-security MFA platform. For advanced needs, it is also possible to constrain the access of a user from a specific device, specific dates or times.

Simple and easy to use

Watch these short videos to discover how easy it is to use Oplon Secure Access:

File Managing operations in full

Create, move, rename and delete any files and folders within the browser without external applications

Online File Editor

With OSA you can edit files directly within your browser.

HyperCopy File Transfer

Moving files between machines is super easy, just use the HyperCopy feature, built into the File Manager menu.

SSH Broadcast Mode

Write on multiple shells simultaneously, avoiding repeating the same commands over and over on multiple machines

Why use Oplon Secure Access


No possibility of virus or ransomware transmission

No VPN that connects the operator directly to the data center. With Oplon Secure Access, security is guaranteed by default by using the browser.


No installation and/or maintenance of VPN clients and servers

With Oplon Secure Access, the only client you need to use is your favorite. The operator will not have to install anything, making the help desk operations less expensive.


Inability to disclose login and password

Login and password must no longer be disclosed to administrators and end users. Oplon Secure Access takes care of access, both in protected internal WEB services, Remote Desktop and Consoles with remote shell, in a centralized and authenticated manner for any user. The credentials remain protected, access can also be timed, or assigned and revoked by the administrator.


Tracking of all operations for any user

Oplon Secure Access performs a total and unmodifiable tracking of operations performed by the user, including file upload/download operations. This allows, for example, to be complaint with the GDPR regulations regarding root or administrative access of Linux/Unix devices.


Inability to use tools not controlled or authorized by corporate

For the external connection, operators often use third party products that do not provide any guarantees, often saving the credentials. With Oplon Secure Access it is enough to simply use the browser and only remember the access password, that is that of the multi-factor authentication. The credentials safe remains secure and not accessible within the company system.

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Oplon Secure Access


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