File Integrity Monitoring

The File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) module constantly checks the integrity of the system it is keeping under control. FIM is able to detect tampering of files and directories by immediately warning of a violation by intruders, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken.

FIM is the module that enables PCI-DSS certification. PCI-DSS affects any entity that processes a very specific piece of information:the payment card number (technically known as PAN) issued by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB or Discovery brands.Hence, all businesses (shops, hotels, e-commerce operators), banks, service providers (hosting providers who hold credit card data in the database).

FIM can be activated on the entire Oplon suite for organizations that need PCI-DSS certification or organizations owning a modern security system. FIM can also be installed and activated on platforms other than Oplon to constantly check the integrity of files and directories such as Apache, JBoss, Tomcat installations, MySQL, Linux OS. However, the system is parameterizable and can be configured for any service.

Oplon File Integrity Monitoring integrates with all SIEM and centralized alarm management systems of datacenters and organizations.