Multi-utility companies face important challenges to constantly and rapidly adapt their infrastructures and services to the dynamic demands of the market. There must be a strong focus on Digital Transformation and Security because a Multiutility company it’s institutionally part of the national IT critical infrastructures.

Even in the case of natural disasters, the company must be able to guarantee that continuity of service so fundamental to allow IT support to business operations. Today, thanks to the resources made available by the plan for industry 4.0, it is a priority for a multi-utility company to invest in technological innovation.

Why LBL?

Simple and fast management

The new needs of distributed high reliability, even in multi-site architectures, require dynamic, flexible, easy to use and, above all, simple maintenance tools. Security, but also management flexibility and maximum availability of applications. Ability to manage traditional IT infrastructures, stored in the data center, but also cloud-based or hybrid environments.
We therefore need to equip ourselves with highly reliable technologies that facilitate the automatic or semi-automatic management of operational processes.
Technologies that need to certify their operation at any time, so as to be ready for “unplanned” contingent events.
It is precisely in the orchestration and automation of the necessary activities in a structured environment that it is important to focus attention.

High reliability for a secure logistics

Our solution offers a suite of products designed to increase the high reliability of infrastructures and the availability of application services.
From a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery perspective, LBL Commander Orchestrator has been designed to activate, monitor, schedule procedures and follow them in their progress by verifying that they have been carried out correctly. Moreover, in an evolving company where people are constantly moving between offices and in the territory, the access to applications, in security and with an high user experience, also covers a role of great importance.
The LBL ADC component of Application Delivery Control thus becomes the fulcrum from which the service requests of the operators to the delivery points in the data center are departed, in order to always guarantee secure and continuous access.

Products used

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