Integrated and highly advanced digital security to manage attacks in a dynamic and targeted way, protecting users and ensuring the maximum usability of the services.

Why LBL?

Innovation and experience

LBL WAF is the result of over 20 years of experience in the development of techniques for artificial intelligence, machine learning and automatic recognition in applications of computer security, today still unequaled in the market.

Advanced security

It is able to counteract even the unregistered attacks (zero-day) and the new forms of attack or variants designed to get around the filtering rules put in place.

Smart protection

LBL DDoS Attack Mitigation uses the advanced features to manage and resolve DoS / DDoS attacks or click-day events. Based on the application stress, it is able to control traffic flows discriminating them at the application level, by type of user, service, IP, subnet, geographical region.

Products used

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