Ensure secure and reliable E-commerce services, managing transaction protection as well as load peaks, without affecting the availability of the service.

Why LBL?

Protection and management of the load

The suite has been specifically designed to secure business-critical environments. The integrated features allow to mitigate the effects of overload due to hacker attacks, but also to protect the normal operation of services from load peaks, for example, for successful promotional campaigns.

Smart management

The system is able to detect application fatigue in fractions of a second (50 milliseconds) and to distinguish the type of transaction, such as payments and order confirmations, favoring them to other transactions.

Immediate response

Customers’ privacy is constantly monitored by the artificial intelligence system, which is able to reveal in advance hacker’s intrusion attempts, searching for vulnerabilities. The system is able to immediately apply the actions necessaries to correct vulnerabilities in 0 minutes.

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