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The Defense Sector as a whole is one of the most competitive and important sectors being responsible for issues related to the country’s security and international cooperation.Precisely because of their national importance, infrastructures and applications are targeted by Cyber attacks both by hackers and other potentially dangerous groups.

To protect itself from cyber attacks while maintaining flexibility and ease of use in the services provided, the Defense IT organization increasingly needs to increase the level of protection and adopt flexible solutions.

Why LBL?

The right skills for the most hostile environments

In the operational scenario on which specialized units operate, real-time information must be guaranteed by specially designed systems. All IT operations are vital to the success of operations. Access hierarchies must be guaranteed by design in every component with guarantee of security and business continuity in hostile environments.
The intelligent components of coverage / engagement of the objectives are increasingly integrated into the activities and must be adequately protected from intrusions that could compromise the results.
In this scenario, “Cybersecurity” becomes an integral part of any technological choice you want to adopt in the ability to detect attempts to attack, by protecting services at the application level.
In the context of the security strategy, the IT organization must be able to implement an effective and stratified set of defenses against cyber attacks by protecting services and offering effective defense against sophisticated attacks.
Our LBL S.A.A.I solution, thanks to the high and advanced features of Security by Design and the high degree of integration of the components, is able to optimize the reliability and stability of the applications, improving overall operation.

Self-adaptation ability

The management of executive delegations in a mission critical operating environment must be prepared by suitably studied project specifications. LBL Autonomous Delegated Authentication is the independent system able to ensure very high levels of safety and at the same time to be self-sufficient in case of temporary insulation.

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