LBL® DDoS Attack Mitigation

Smart protection

Today, most companies understand how much protection from DoS / DDoS attacks is essential to ensure the highest level of “customer experience” and reliability.

Classic DDoS Prevention solutions are based on a network utilization statistic. They do not know exactly what is happening from the application point of view. They reason on a statistical and volumetric basis. As a result they do not make immediate decisions but usually wait 15-20 minutes.

LBL® DDoS Attack Mitigation vverifies when the application is suffering (agentless) by checking the connections up to Level 7 and can intervene by deleting / limiting the requests that are causing the condition of suffering or application stress.

Technical deepening

LBL® DDoS Attack Mitigation integrates an Application Firewall (AF) system with advanced security features to prevent Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can control and catalog in real time service’s request dynamics and their evolution.

LBL® DDoS Attack Mitigation leverages the advanced features of the forwarding engine to mitigate and resolve DoS / DDoS attacks or click-day events. The technology therefore allows to give “application privileges” in case of attack or overload of the entire infrastructure thus guaranteeing an operational continuity for those specific service requests.

The system, through simple rules, has been designed to favor the access to the connections according to the type of application required. The system, in all its components, has been designed to be used in mission-critical and business-critical environments with specific rules of criticality and confidentiality.

LBL® DDoS Attack Mitigation allows to temporarily confine attacks coming from single IP addresses, multiple addess or addresses belonging to the same subnets. The algorithm was designed to identify dynamic IPs and place them temporarily in the no-harm condition.

The system reacts both to layer 4 TCP / UDP and layer 7 HTTP / S-DNS. In the presence of HTTP / S the algorithm is able to detect attacks coming from “hidden” systems by proxies that obscure the starting address by applying the algorithm also on elements of the HEADER as the X-Forwarded-For.


  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Application Firewall DDoS congestion resolver© (Click-day mitigation©)
  • Application Firewall DoS address in quarantine©
  • Application Firewall AQoS Application quality of service (VIP iRedCarpet©)
  • Application Firewall Resource Capping
  • Application Firewall filtering
  • DNS traffic protection

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