Application routing and security

Applications today reside in Data Centers, Clouds and development environments
conformed to the new DevOps trends.

The diversification of the needs of the market and a growing demand for increasingly customized solutions according to the habits and devices used, requires ever more flexibility and speed.

The design of an application-level routing system today must combine the needs of networking and security with the need to use services placed in high reliability, allowing to correlate the applicative links and make them immediately accessible to the operator.

In a modern informatic system with high reliability, the LBL® ADC application balancing component becomes the fulcrum from which the operators’ service requests come to the delivery points start, guaranteeing their use.

Thanks to the high performance and advanced balancing and security features, LBL® ADC is able to optimize the reliability of applications, improving the user experience. LBL® ADC è in grado di ottimizzare l’affidabilità delle applicazioni migliorando la user experience.

Technical deepening

The governance and control of a complex information system stems from the need to guarantee over time a high quality standard with measurable time and costs. A data center aims to provide IT services (today also called self-service services) aimed at a large audience and subject to requirements such as Security and Reliability.

LBL® ADC is a solution created to solve the needs of Application Visibility and Security today by supporting functionality for both user-to-application and application-to-application traffic.

LBL® ADC was born to work in modern virtualized environments, both on premises and in Cloud, making the most of the enormous computing power available to industries
best-performance solutions and allowing it to be used natively in these environments.

It is a key tool to enable applications to adapt to the networks and protocols used, ensuring that any application (physical, virtual,multi-tenant) not only maintains optimal performance, but it is also always available, ensuring the continuity of the user or business.

LBL® ADC natively allows the monitoring of how the applications are performing, implementing a deep tracing of the required parameters for a timely analysis and providing advanced reporting.


  • Application Security and Visibility
  • Intelligent L7 Traffic Management with Adaptative Load Balancing
  • Enhanced Network and Application Security
  • Deliver Applications rapidly and reliably
  • High-performance application management and visibility
  • SSL/TLS industry leading with scale and performance
  • SSL Tunneling
  • SSL Terminantion (all security levels)
  • SSL Reencryption (all security levels)
  • SSL TLS-SNI multicertificates listeners
  • SSL TLS-SNI endpoints loadbalancing treatment
  • Health monitoring with deep application monitoring
  • Relational Database traffic tracing (SQL)
  • L7 Full Content Rewriting
  • Fast SSO and Federation Integration
  • High Availability & Clustering
  • Moving on-premises to Cloud
  • Centralized Management of Clusters and Multiple Geographic Data Center
  • Logging and Tracing for Policy Compliance
  • Rule IDE Integrated Developer Environment
  • Capacity on Demand
  • Compliance & Reporting

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