LBL ADC Freeware

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What can it do?

Infinite server endpoints

No limit on the number of services you can manage. To put your services in high reliability, to manage the updates without interruptions.

Infinite domains

You can divide your services into groups, domains and contexts without limits! You can manage everything from a single port address by combining multiple digital certificates with TLS-SNI.

Fast and easy digital certificate management

Creating, updating, managing digital certificates has never been easier. From the web interface you can manage all your digital certificate assets simply. If you need an application server certificate, once you’ve created it you can export it.

Infinite rewrite rules

Full content rewriring tools allow you to set rules completely from a graphical interface. All made simple using the templates available on the platform.

Drilldown reports

Powerful analysis tool with details in drilldown on the selections. Starting from the Traffic trend report you can go back to the IPs of the clients that generated the traffic.

Services healthcheck

Integrated system for detecting the ‘health’ of the services. It activates watchdogs warning you if a service is not working. The system can automatically interact with the application routing components.

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