LBL ADC 2° Level

1° day

  • Content rewriting overview
  • Names and conventions
  • Rules Content rewriting
  • Regex Regex Helper
  • HTTP HEADER REWRITING(Conditions, Variables, Commands)
  • HTTP BODY REWRITING(Conditions, Variables, Commands)

2° day

  • Programming content rewriting
  • Content rewriting class interceptors
  • LBL Developer virtual appliance(First start, Overview classes and methods, Debug a traffic, HTTP interceptors classes, TCP interceptors classes, UDP interceptors classes)

Tools required

Each participant must be equipped with his own laptop with the following minimum characteristics:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • 20GB disk available
  • network card with RJ45 input

and an alternative virtualization system between:

  • VirtualBOX (free downloadable from the Internet)
  • VMware workstation (no player)

The Virtual Appliances will be made available for each available platform

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